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Conversational AI

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Transformative features

Targeted Solutions

Each tool is expertly designed to not only solve specific problems but to propel your business towards greater efficiency and success.

SmartLead Automation
for Peak Conversion

Rapidly Convert Cold Leads
to Engaged Customers 

What It Is: AI-driven tools for lead generation and nurturing.

Problem It Solves: Reduces manual effort by automating lead acquisition and enhancing conversion rates.

360° Customer Insights & Sales Mastery

Deeply Understand Your 
Customers to Close More Sales

What It Is: Integrated CRM system with sales pipeline management.

Problem It Solves: Provides deep customer insights and streamlines the sales process, improving efficiency and closing rates.

Establish and Maintain  Relationships at Scale

Elevate Customer Engagement
with Intelligent Chat

What It Is: Advanced chat services
with AI-driven ChatGPT.

Problem It Solves: Boosts customer engagement through real-time, personalized conversational AI.

Unified Marketing for Comprehensive Reach

Seamlessly Control Campaigns
Across All Platforms

What It Is: Integrated marketing platform for email, SMS, and social media.

Problem It Solves: Simplifies and aligns different marketing channels for cohesive campaign management.

Business Hub for Streamlined Operations

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Manage Everything in one Place

What It Is: Comprehensive solution for invoicing, payments, and workflow management.

Problem It Solves: Streamlines business operations, reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

Insightful Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

The Dollars are in the Data —
Turn Insights into Income

What It Is: Comprehensive analytics and reporting for strategic decision-making.

Problem It Solves: Offers actionable insights to refine marketing strategies and optimize business performance.

Tailored for Every Entrepreneur

No matter your industry or business model, Novulty EngageHub is engineered to meet the unique needs of diverse business owners.

Retail Owners

Are you struggling to turn casual visitors into loyal customers?

Capturing the attention of shoppers and converting them into repeat customers is a constant challenge. You're not just selling products; you're creating relationships and experiences. But with so many tasks to juggle, how can you find the time to connect with each customer personally?

This is where Novulty EngageHub steps in. Imagine a world where your marketing feels less like a guessing game and more like a meaningful conversation with each shopper. A world where you understand your customers' needs and preferences so well that every interaction feels personal and every marketing campaign resonates deeply. With Novulty EngageHub, this world is your reality.

Service Providers

Do you find it challenging to consistently attract and retain clients?

In the service industry, your success hinges not just on the quality of your work, but also on your ability to connect with clients and understand their needs. The challenge? Balancing the time between providing your services and managing the intricacies of client engagement and marketing.

Picture a solution that streamlines your client interactions, giving you back the time to focus on what you do best. Imagine having a tool that not only helps you understand your clients better but also automates the routine tasks of marketing and client follow-ups.

We provide a platform that simplifies your operations and amplifies your marketing efforts, ensuring that each client feels valued and understood. Our solution helps you build stronger relationships, leading to increased client retention and referrals.

Online Entrepreneurs

Are you facing hurdles in scaling your business and managing digital overload?

As an online entrepreneur, you're tasked with navigating a maze of marketing strategies, customer interactions, and data analytics, all while striving to grow your business.

The question is, how can you manage all these aspects efficiently and still have time to innovate and expand?

Imagine a platform that streamlines your digital efforts, from marketing to customer engagement, allowing you to focus on the big picture – your business growth.

Our platform is tailored to meet the unique challenges of online entrepreneurship. We help you connect with your audience more effectively, automate time-consuming tasks, and harness the power of data to drive your business forward.

Simplify your Tech stack

Replace Multiple Platforms with Novulty EngageHub

Wix Replacement

Novulty EngageHub replaces platforms like Wix by providing industry-specific templates with built-in automation and lead magnets, ensuring your website looks excellent and actively helps grow your business.

Mailchimp Replacement

More than just email marketing — Novulty EngageHub replaces platforms like Mailchimp, offering a robust custom email builder that includes email and SMS marketing automation and tagging tools, allowing you to reach your audience efficiently wherever they are.

ClickFunnels Replacement

Need a more streamlined approach to sales funnels? Novulty EngageHub replaces platforms like ClickFunnels, offering intuitive tools to build and optimize sales funnels that seamlessly convert leads into loyal customers.

Kajabi Replacement

Looking for a better way to manage online courses? Novulty EngageHub replaces platforms like Kajabi, integrating course creation and membership management to enhance the learning experience for your audience. Replacement

Overwhelmed with project management chaos? Novulty EngageHub replaces platforms like, bringing clarity and efficiency to your project management, fostering team collaboration and productivity.

Keap Replacement

Frustrated with disjointed customer relationship tools? Novulty EngageHub replaces platforms like Keap, unifying your CRM and sales processes to nurture customer relationships more effectively and boost sales.

Calendly Replacement

Need more flexibility in scheduling? Novulty EngageHub replaces platforms like Calendly by offering unlimited calendars, allowing you to manage appointments across different aspects of your business without any restrictions.

Buffer Replacement

Struggling to keep up with your social media strategy? Novulty EngageHub replaces platforms like Buffer, consolidating your social media management to optimize engagement and drive meaningful conversations.

Beyond CRM:
propel your business with Novulty EngageHub

Grow Your Business on Autopilot with Novulty EngageHub