Choose the Plan That's Right for Your Business

Flexible Pricing, Unlimited Potential

Whether you choose our Premium Unlimited Plan for comprehensive access or the Custom Plan for tailored solutions, each option is designed to empower your business with the tools and support you need.

Premium Unlimited

Designed for businesses seeking comprehensive digital solutions, this plan offers extensive access to all features, combined with personalized onboarding and tech training to ensure you make the most of your investment.

Complete Feature Access
In-Depth Tech Training
24/7 Tech Support
Automate and scale

Powerful Tools for Growth

Drag & Drop Website & Funnel Builder

Your Website, A Lead Magnet

In the digital realm, your website is your most potent asset. Novulty EngageHub empowers you to transform your website into a lead magnet. With our drag & drop builder, create captivating pages that not only tell your story but also allure and capture leads.

  • Create tailored websites without any design or development expertise
  • Monitor the influx of new leads your website attracts, right from Novulty EngageHub
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Social Media Planner

Centralize Conversations, Capture More Leads

In the bustling marketplace of social media, conversations are the currency. Novulty EngageHub’s Social Media Planner is your tool to centralize conversations from diverse platforms, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.

  • Merge messages from various social platforms for streamlined communication with leads
  • Stay connected and capture leads around the clock
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Email Marketing

Crafted Emails, Timely Dispatch

Elevate your email marketing with automated yet personalized campaigns. Novulty EngageHub’s drag & drop email builder empowers you to create visually appealing emails that resonate.

  • Dispatch targeted emails that land at the right moment
  • Turn emails into a nurturing pathway leading to sales
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Forms & Surveys

Seamless Information Harvesting

Every interaction with your audience is an opportunity to learn and adapt. Our intuitive forms and surveys are crafted to glean essential information, generating more leads, and providing insights that matter.

  • Create engaging forms & surveys to bolster lead generation
  • Encourage leads to share contact info seamlessly
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Membership & Course Builder

Create Engaging Courses and Exclusive Memberships

This feature is designed to help you effortlessly craft interactive online courses and manage membership programs. Whether you’re an educator, trainer, or community leader, transform your knowledge and content into a dynamic learning experience or a thriving membership community.

  • Design and deploy captivating online courses with intuitive tools that make adding content, videos, and interactive elements a breeze.
  • Build and nurture your community with a comprehensive membership management system, offering exclusive content, forums, and more for member engagement.
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Online Checkout Pages

Your Online Sales Conduit

Craft user-friendly checkout pages that simplify the buying process, augmenting your online sales.

  • Offer one-click upsells, maximizing revenue opportunities
  • Tailor automation post-sale for a seamless customer journey
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Reporting & Analytics

Insights Driven Success

Uncover the story behind the numbers. Novulty EngageHub’s analytics provide the insights you need to refine your sales strategy.

  • Discern what's working and what's not, enabling data-driven decision making
  • Uncover new opportunities, aligning your strategies with observable trends

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CRM & Contact Management

Every Interaction, A Step Closer

Every touchpoint is a chance to inch closer to a sale. Our CRM system automatically logs interactions, keeping the sales narrative clear and focused.

  • Automatic contact creation with every call, text, email, or social media message
  • Centralize customer data, ensuring you have the insights to close with confidence
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Sales Pipeline

Seamless Path to Conversion

Tailor a sales pipeline that mirrors your business process, ensuring each lead is steered towards a fruitful conclusion.

  • Automate tasks and follow-ups, keeping the momentum towards closing deals
  • Stay updated with real-time lead tracking, ensuring no opportunity slips through
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Automated Follow Up

A Human Touch, Automated

Novulty EngageHub’s automated follow-up system ensures no lead feels left behind. Send personalized follow-ups that resonate and remind, making each lead feel valued.

  • Humanized follow-up messages that build trust
  • Keep the dialogue ongoing, nurturing leads towards conversion
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Referral Marketing

Turn Satisfaction into Sales

Harness the power of happy customers to extend your reach, bringing in referrals that are primed for conversion.

  • Facilitate easy referrals, turning your customers into your biggest advocates
  • Leverage the trust of peer recommendations to boost sales
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Swift, Simple, and Secure

Invoice with ease, allowing your customers to transition from decision to purchase seamlessly.

  • Generate and dispatch invoices swiftly, facilitating quicker payments
  • Set up recurring invoices for sustained revenue streams
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Text 2 Pay

Payments in a Text

Expedite the payment process by sending secure payment links directly to your customers’ phones.

  • Quick, secure, and convenient payment processing, enhancing customer experience
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Chat Widget

Engage and Capture Leads Instantly

Your website is not just a digital front but a bustling hub where potential clients converge. Our dynamic webchat tool is designed to engage visitors in real-time, addressing their queries instantly, and capturing leads effortlessly.

  • Pre-crafted responses for swift problem-solving
  • Foster real-time engagement to capture leads effectively
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All-In-One-Conversation Hub

Foster Seamless Interactions

Your clientele is reaching out from every digital corner. Novulty EngageHub's conversation hub amalgamates dialogues from varied platforms, offering you a singular view to engage, respond, and nurture relationships.

  • Centralize interactions from Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, SMS, Phone Calls, Email, and Webchat
  • Manage and nurture leads efficiently from one unified platform
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2-Way SMS

Personalized Conversations at Scale

Texting is personal, immediate, and often welcomed. Engage your leads with 1-on-1 SMS conversations, delivering a touch of personalization while keeping the dialogue flowing.

  • Engage leads with real-time texting from our intuitive mobile & desktop appEngage leads with real-time texting from our intuitive mobile & desktop app
  • Dispatch special offers and promos directly to their hands
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Automated Nurture Sequences

Guided Journeys, Higher Conversions

Identify where your leads stand in the buying journey and automate nurturing sequences that speak to their unique position, edging them closer to a purchase decision.

  • Tailored messages dispatched at the ideal time for heightened engagement
  • Automate the nurturing, focus on the relationship
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Phone System & Power Dialer

Calls That Convert

Every call is an opportunity to nurture and convert. Our PowerDialer simplifies the calling process, ensuring you connect with leads effortlessly, fostering relationships that convert into revenue.

  • Press, call, and connect with leads seamlessly
  • Focus on conversations, while we manage the connectivity
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Review & Reputation Management

Build Trust, Boost Sales

Elevate your online reputation through automated review requests, building trust that translates into sales.

  • Automate review requests, making it effortless for customers to share their positive experiences
  • Ascend the Google rankings with more 5-star reviews, drawing more eyes to your brand

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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! You can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied with our services. Although, we know you're gonna love us!

Are there any additional fees?

The monthly subscription covers your access to the platform and allows for you to have unlimited users within it. The only other fee that may be charged is for usage of SMS & Email. However, these charges are minimal just $10 dollars will give you about 10,000 emails or 1,000 text messages. Unless you are running extremely large marketing campaigns that much is sufficient for most small businesses.

Do you offer support?

YES! We provide you with help docs, video how to tutorials, step-by-step guides, interactive user guides, and even 24/7 Live Chat and agent tech support. If that's not enough, we also offer on-demand Zoom support. You will have all the help you need to be fully successful!

Do I get training?

We want to make sure you are set up for success, so help you get set up and train you on how to use Novulty EngageHub on a day to day basis. You'll be greeted with a hour long training session and technical set up call. You'll experience a white-glove onboarding experience to get you ready to grow your business.

Grow Your Business on Autopilot with Novulty EngageHub